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Why choose truSIP?

All the help you need to start reselling telecom services

Choosing the right telecoms service provider is difficult, but in our experience, it's best to work with a company set up specifically to serve your needs. They are likely to understand your business as they already work with other companies similar to yours. 

By dedicating resources to a specific customer type, a company can gain a deep understanding of their needs and preferences and develop tailored solutions. This leads to increased customer satisfaction, as well as increased sales and revenue.

Who we sell to

Only to trade customers

You can be reassured that we will never sell to end users. We are only here to support and  assist our valued resellers in ensuring that the best products and services are available at the most competitive price.

Only to SME / SMB resellers

We only sell to the SMB / SME markets, focusing on providing simple and affordable solutions that are tailored to the needs of the end users. We believe in building relationships with our resellers, so we provide them and the end users with ongoing support through the pre-sales, sales, installation and aftercare.

Mostly B2B end users

From small businesses to large enterprises, the lion's share of our resellers' customers are business-to-business. We have designed our services to meet each customer's individual needs and can tailor a solution for any budget.

Find out more about truSIP

Discover who we are, and why we are the most reliable
telecoms service provider in the industry.

Developing Partnerships

We want to build lasting relationships with our resellers, and we are devoted to aiding them in amplifying their earnings by supplying exemplary products and services that meet the expectations of their customers.

More value, same cost

We are always searching for the newest, most creative services and products from telecommunications providers to ensure our customers will receive optimal value while you maximize your revenue.

Areas that we specialise in

Rolling and fixed term contracts

Whichever you choose, we have to be certain that our service levels remain top-notch and constantly strive for improvement in order to maintain the satisfaction of both our customers and resellers.

Full solution

We offer everything from pre-sales, sales support, and technical assistance to professional services such as setup, instruction, white label billing solutions - even renting out hardware to use on the system.

Find Your Perfect Telecoms Partner

Select a telecoms service provider that truly understands your business needs. Experience unparalleled satisfaction with a company dedicated to serving customers like you, providing tailored solutions for increased sales and revenue.