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Unleash your
earnings potential

Supporting companies in
creating regular income by
re-selling telecom services.

Approachable, personable, flexible and friendly

TruSip is a telecoms distributor that helps organizations to resell reliable recurring services like unified communication, connectivity, and SIP trunks. By partnering with leading telecom industry companies, we can offer and support first-rate solutions that help our customers increase their revenue streams and achieve future growth.

Why truSIP

Our experienced team of telecoms experts are dedicated to providing the best possible customer service and support to our partners and customers. We are focused on delivering reliable, cost-effective services that will meet your needs and ensure success in the long run.

Introducing Dstny

Dstny provides a set of communication tools suitable for all types of businesses. Because of our system’s scalability, stability, and readiness to integrate, the services will meet the needs of all types of companies. From the small local bakery at the end of the street to the big city office wanting to connect with customers and colleagues worldwide.

As a loyal truSIP partner for more than half a decade, we have relied on their services for various telecommunication needs, ranging from SIP trunks to hosted PBX telephony. Throughout our partnership, the level of service and support we have received has consistently been exceptional. The truSIP team has consistently demonstrated their availability and willingness to provide advice and assistance, showcasing their profound understanding of their network, services, and partners.

How we generate recurring revenue for you

Recurring revenue is paramount to any business as it helps build a reliable, steady income stream. The key to developing a successful recurring revenue model is understanding your customer’s needs and creating products or services that meet those needs on an ongoing basis.


  • B2B, SME / SMB partners
  • Sales Support
  • Financing
  • 30 day rolling contracts
  • 24 hour support
  • Products continually evolving
  • White label billing