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Unified Communications

Streamlining all communication methods for
improved efficiency and cost savings.

Give your customers the competitive edge

There are many benefits for a reseller selling Unified Communications, and it's one of the highest growth areas in telecoms today. Integration of multiple communication channels such as voice, video, email, instant messaging, and conferencing into a single, seamless platform. Allowing customer employees access to the communication tools they need, when needed, from wherever they are working.

Reseller benefits of
selling Unified Communications

Increased revenue

Can be sold as a package of services and products, providing resellers with the opportunity to increase their revenue by selling multiple components.

Competitive advantage

Resellers who offer unified communications solutions can differentiate themselves from competitors by providing a comprehensive and integrated solution.

Recurring revenue

Many unified communications solutions are subscription-based, providing resellers with a consistent and predictable stream of recurring revenue.

Increased customer loyalty

Resellers who provide unified communications solutions can help their customers improve their business efficiency and collaboration, resulting in increased customer loyalty.

Increased Margins

Often have higher margins than traditional solutions, which allows resellers to increase their profitability.

Cross-selling opportunities

Many opportunities to cross-sell other complementary solutions, such as security, network infrastructure and analytics, further increasing revenue.

What are the key areas in Unified Communications?


Bringing together voice, video, and text communication in one place, accessible from any device, improving communication efficiency and collaboration for businesses.


Analytics, insights and integrations with BI provide valuable data and information that can be used to optimize and improve the communication system's performance and provide a more comprehensive view of the business to make informed decisions.


Unifying the way consumers engage with a business means bringing together communication channels such as email, text, social media, and even interactions with AI-based chatbots into a single platform. This allows customers to engage with the business using their preferred method of communication and for the business to have a unified view of all customer interactions.


Linking to other business systems allows the user to combine their direct dial phone number and their mobile number. Seamlessly work with Microsoft Teams, connect with their CRM and many other possibilities

Introducing Dstny

Dstny provides a set of communication tools suitable for all types of businesses. Because of our system’s scalability, stability, and readiness to integrate, their services will meet the needs of all types of companies. From the small local bakery at the end of the street to the big city office wanting to connect with customers and colleagues worldwide.

Start selling unified communications

truSIP is a specialist in unified communications, offering resellers comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate voice, video, messaging, and collaboration tools. Empower your customers with a robust, interconnected communication experience, backed by our expertise and support.